Streamlining and Improving


My little biz has always been that, little… Sales via Facebook here and there, a stall at a market every so often. A shop on

Dellydot met my need for creativity, and happily worked around our family’s needs. But now I’m finding that my little biz is growing, and the way I was running things is making it hard for me. So it’s time for a bit of streamlining and improvement.

From now on I’ll be making most of my sales through this website. There is no need to set up an account, just add pretty jewels to your shopping bag, then proceed to the checkout and enter your details. Payments can be accepted via paypal, and by direct deposit.

I’ll still attend markets, have my store on, and I’ll still be posting on Facebook, I just wont be making sales through it any longer.

My jewels will still appear in your Facebook newsfeeds, but now with a link to this website. By shopping through the website, you’ll be able to see what I’ve got in stock and ready to ship, and you should receive your jewels much quicker! I’m always happy to take custom orders, and if you’re looking for something in particular, you just need to get in touch.

There are more improvements in the pipeline too- loyalty discounts, rewards for referring friends and special coupon codes for sales and free shipping are all possibilities for the very near future…

I do hope you understand why I’m making these changes, and that you find it just as easy to find and purchase beautiful jewels from Dellydot Designs. If you have any problems at all with this website, my shopping cart, or just feel like dropping me a line to say hi, please {click here to email me}

Thanks so much for all your continued support for my little biz!